Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day 1 Down...

Well....  The Squeeze is all moved into my house; in garbage bags... WTF?  Doesn't he have a suitcase or a bag?  Oh well! Garbage bags it is.

This time, I'm going to relax.  I can too.  I know the last time it was argument city because of the cleaning but without the kid, well the kid's kid... It means I only have one kid to clean up after (the Squeeze is the oldest kid in humanity...) instead of a house full!  

So being chilled, is my motto these days.  It will be clean but I'm not excessive about it.  I haven't been since my brain got tossed round by the neurosurgeon's.  I have a dog, and it sheds hair like there is no tomorrow! But I let him inside; I clean it, but I'm not vacuuming every damn day!  And I'm not getting rid of him (I shudder to think of what the old me would have done if I'd been in a house with a shedding dog!)  I won't think about that...

It is nice having him here; although I'm not sure if I'll still feel this way in the 9.8 weeks to go lol But the reality is I'm going to ease into it.  He is going back to Melbourne for the weekend and I'm going to stay down the coast with my sister and sister-in-law. I'm actually looking forward to it!

This morning we got up at 7, I went out and walked the dog and left him to get ready for work.  I came home (tripping over the bags, but I'm not touching them...) and went and cleaned a couple of drawers for him.

We have always got along like a house on fire.  Any issues we had (I'm yet to see if we still have them) was his inability to man up and tell the Harridan to go to Hell. She must be livid wondering just how the hell she can get rid of me now; with the kids all grown up.  I daresay all she can do is the odd "If she's going, I'm not!!!" but we've discussed that and I'm not missing out again so if she won't go because I'm going... Looks like she won't be going.

I'm going to torture him some more about not letting me go to the wedding, but in actual fact, I don't give a hoot.  But it is fun.

It's sad really, that my neurosurgeon changed me from this, to relatively normal...

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