Thursday, April 19, 2018

The amusing stuff…

Tonight is something I’m looking forward to…  No it isn’t a work thing, although we are having an after 5 which basically means that I’m working late and networking (chatting with all and sundry)  I haven’t been to one of them for months and months, mainly because the last few times that I went, instead of chatting, I stood there like a bump on a log.

Stupid me; here I am thinking ‘maybe now that my brain has improved…’  But then again, it probably won’t.  I don’t do well in the socializing arena.  I never have…  It is made worse with my brain damage but Hell; I never could find the right ‘something to say’ with a stranger.  So although I’m going, I plan on escaping as soon as humanly possible!

The fun part is after that.  I told the Squeeze to find a noodle house or somewhere that we can go for dinner afterwards.  In actual fact, I think I’ll find a restaurant.  And I’ve just broken my train of thought to go and find one.  Bistrot St Jeans; a beautiful little French restaurant that he has said he wanted to try a few weeks back.  It happens to be quite near where our After 5 is so this is it.

Usually when he leaves in the morning I’m wearing my dog walking clothes; which are getting bulky due to the cold! And when he gets home, I’ve put on something just about identical!  More for any other reason than I only work 3 hours a day so I try to get a couple of wears of an outfit. But tonight, I’ll be dressed for the After 5 so in effect, I’ll have a little black dress on!

No…  I don’t think I’ll get romance; other than he’s normal Uncle Morty has to slap your ass or the Nun scenario.  Sigh!

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