Saturday, April 7, 2018

Getting your sexy on...

Okay.  I've blogged repeatedly over the last eight years about how inept the Squeeze is at romance.  Now I'll show you exactly what I mean...

I turned up here yesterday after work, on a Friday night.  Bedlam; a three hour trip in the car the traffic was so bad; I had the dog swaying to the music in between shoving his head out of the window and grinning at the world.

I got here, not a kiss hello in sight, nada.  We move off straight away to the shopping centre where we go to JB HI-FI  (there isn't a trip to the shopping centre without going to JB HI-FI) where I buy a groovy record (Gary Clark - Live; and I'm going back today to get Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds triple album) and he buys nothing.

Then it is off to the movies to see The Quiet Place (scare factor is about a 7) more suspenseful but a good premises... And out for pizza so it is nine o'clock before we get home, throw off our clothes and get into bed and watch a little bit of Jessica Jones.

All of a sudden it is about eleven pm, and we turn out the lights and flick the television off and the Squeeze leans over and pulls me close and wraps his arms around me.  I relax into him; I have always felt safe there in his arms. Then in the dark, his baritone voice mutters in my ear "uncle Morty knows you've been a bad girl..."

WTF?  Uncle Morty can rotate!!.

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