Friday, April 20, 2018

Eerie kind of day...

Wow... It's an creepy day out there.

We woke up early after the Squeezes stupid foghorn alarm went off on his phone, just as we were getting into it.  Sex was abandoned and we got up and started the day...  A fog horn! Bloody hell!  He has this penchant for setting the alarm for half an hour prior to getting up and starting the day.  I don't. My alarm goes off when I have to get up (and it's a normal buzzer sounding alarm!)

So I got out of bed and checked the window; yesterday it was wet so I left the blind open a tad and it remained sort of dry.  But outside was a blanket of white fog.  Beautiful.  I love it when its like this, so thick you could get lost; so I dressed in my walking clothes and thought Sharpie would love it.


The Squeeze made coffee while I got toast and jam in an old practiced way.  I'm not sure how, but he has been living here for about a week, and it feels like forever.  Not in a bad way, I mean we've lived together before; but I thought it would be way harder to get used to.

Last night we went to this gorgeous little French restaurant for dinner.  Our waiter was French (or really great at faking it so you tipped well!) and everything was brilliant right down to the dessert that we shared (chocolate mousse with orange praline).

We decided that we would make going out for dinner somewhere nice a monthly treat. Some place where you can get dressed up a bit and laugh about the day.  A bit of normality amongst the stupidly busy day!

It is Friday! Yay!  I've got my son and his girlfriend coming for dinner tonight. Then the Squeeze's son and daughter in law are coming for breaky tomorrow; and then I'm off to Lorne or Apollo Bay (I'm not sure which) with my sister and sister-in-law for a night of freedom!

It is wonderful.  That bitch lives in another town.  The kids are old enough not to have her barking her orders at the Squeeze incessantly. (Well when I asked if he had heard from her, he said No. He wouldn't outright lie; maybe through omission but not an outright lie!) Ah... No wonder the world feels great!!!

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