Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sure hasn't got any cleaner...

I took these photos at the Squeeze's the other day; mainly because it never ceases to amaze me that someone can live in a house like this and think it is okay...  And I've noticed he has reverted; all the way back to piggery.  He has dropped all pretense of the old hygiene things I taught him and taken back the 'we'll probably all die of food poisoning or botulism!'   :)

I'm not sure why he is such a piglet in the house, it certainly isn't from his mother. Both his mother and his sister were/are clean!  Of course, the Harridan is an utter lazy squat pig.  I've never actually been in their house but I've seen photos taken of it when it was valued at some stage.  Some poor guy had to turn up and take photos of the house and it was a shocker. Things hanging off everything!

Here are some images of his new house.  Welcome to Squeeze-ville!!! (or is it Squeeze-vile.?)  And for the entertainment factor, I'll put some of mine up there too!

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