Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pork Belly... No!

I like to think I'm a pretty decent cook.  I've whipped up some downright delectable feasts at a moments notice!  Last night wasn't one of them :(

It was ANZAC Day here and so a holiday. We went off to Eastern Beach early to walk/swim.  Great way to start the day!  Now depending where you are, I don't think you realise just how cold it was here (although these pictures should tell you lol)


The Squeeze did a lap before he turned blue; I was walking, seeing that I'm relatively sane.  Once we did the walk/swim, we walked down and got coffee before walking back and going home.

I cooked breaky and we had a lively discussion what we would do; which amounted to nothing but a trip to Bunnings to get some plants and hanging baskets and then into the mall to do a little shopping.

I put Pork Belly on to slow cook and the smell was fabulous!

Trouble is, when I have pork now I cant help but think of a video a vegan friend sent me of pigs going to slaughter.  It was horrendous.  I'm sure I tasted their pain and fear in the few bites I had.

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