Friday, August 12, 2011

Talk to the Hand

Well once again, we work around the Harridan who I note, is off for her second weekend away since the Squeeze and I have been living together…  Hmm funny; since she has her hand out for money every time we turn around, I would have figured weekends away would be out.

And in her usual, rude and obnoxious style, the Squeeze has to go pick him up and I’d bet the house, the car and the holiday – that he’ll do the 3 hour trip to take him back.  You have got to love her style of favour.

And me… Well I just try and get some information – as in when is he going home?  Sunday?  Monday morning to school?  And it seems to be nothing to everyone and sundry except me – who has said from the very start, I need organisation.  I don’t do ‘on the fly’ – and at the end of the day, why the hell should I?

In reply to his texts on “when is he going home..?”  Oh no answer to that, in her typical ignorant fashion all we got was a list of instructions about a fungal infection on his toe (yeah try cleaning some time!!!!!)  In other words… talk to the hand.   I of course, offered to resend the original messasge, but the moodle nearly wet himself in fear.

I can see all this will make for a great weekend of stressful showers and standing in a shower base of White King in the attempt to kill the fungi!

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