Thursday, August 4, 2011

Portly! Round! Heavy! Big Boned! Michelin Man!

I’m still off sick.   

I feel slightly better in that the staggering part has moved on and I do have to say, I don’t mind the resting up bit.  The house is clean, washing up to date… Everything is done so I can basically just lie around for the next day or so.

I cleaned out the fridge which seemed weird.  I don’t usually have to clean it because I don’t throw stuff in there that should be tossed and I wipe up if anything is spilled.  There is not the millions of containers and bags of mould that frequented the Squeeze’s fridge over there in ‘clean freak hell’.  Even he is learning; if you don’t intend to eat it the next day – toss it.

Still, it needed to be cleared out…   A large garbage bag became the new home of every single thing that looked like calories.  Fridge and freezer got a vanilla spray wipe over and sat empty.
Why..?  Well today was the arrival of our very first Lite and Easy order.  

I only hope it tastes better than it looks!!!!  Yet I somehow suspect that this will not be the case. 
The great pity of it is that I love to cook; and I’m good at it!  But this is why we are like two freaking circles.  And like all things, once you let it get away from you, there is a world of pain waiting, prior to getting back to where we were.

And then there is the end to the social life as we start knocking back dinners…

Stupid diet.  I can’t even have wine!!!!!!

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