Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strange But True – the Ex Wife is a Selfish Bitch

The list of things that the Harridan demanded as payment in return for the divorce, finally arrived.

Guess the dumb cow actually forgot the part where she refused to sign the divorce papers – costing $600.  And probably more when she won’t post them back to the lawyer – as she will have to be ‘served’ – costing even more (yet strangely appealing if they could do it either at work, or at the soccer group.)

And the list… Utterly astounding!  Ie:  petrol to take the kid to saxophone lessons…  Is this bitch for real?  Guess she forgot about the 3-4 hours a week the Squeeze spends in the car doing her bidding..?  And $1000 for saxophone lessons!!!  They are literally coming out of his gazoo – yep, no ‘living within her means’ registering there!

God knows what else was on there.  I think he was too scared to show me after I stormed around the house ranting about the petrol.  And I guess she figures the list is fair enough.  After all, he’s on a double income…

Ahhhh – I have never felt more like sending that evil bitch a link to my blog!

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