Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paul Keating – Evening Scumbags

I read through some of the comments left on the news story that the Squeeze sent me regarding the psycho wife site.  Sheesh.  You’d have thought he had dragged her out into the street with the reaction it is getting; and they are from the sublime to the ridiculous – you are either on one side or the other.

For myself, I don’t know much about the story, but I do know that I would be extremely vocal if I was ordered to shut down the Hunchback.  Strangely, people seem to think it is either black or white – and it isn’t.  There are quite a lot of greys out there and when push comes to shove, be you male or female, you have to admit that the male is extremely hard done by.

My point is that it doesn’t have to be like that.  I was fair in my divorce and if we didn’t have it friendly, then it was at least most certainly amicable.  

So then maybe the blame is attributed to the ‘end’.  What happened?  Who left, how did they leave, and was anyone hurt.  Sadly, this is where men quite often fall down.  They can't seem to move on without having something to move on to.  But not so with the Squeeze.

And anyhow, that theory went out the window with my brother; who was a fantastic father (in fact most of us, his family, thought he was skating a thin line to being a doormat).  And when his wife decided to hump a school teacher, make every big purchase possible in preparation for leaving him (leaving him paying it all off of course), packing up the kids and moving states – well you’d figure that the cow would feel a modicum of guilt.  After all, he had gone ‘above and beyond’ as a father.  But no… Not her.  Instead, it was almost as though she hated him for it.

This is not dissimilar to the Squeeze.  She will go out of her way to be spiteful – and why..?  I’ve no idea.  They were four years into separation when I came along but those four years have not eased her dislike of him.  And for that, I have no problems writing what a bitter cow she is.

After the comment “we need to meet and have a discussion” at the soccer last week, I was surprised that the Squeeze actually cancelled the Wednesday meeting due to a conflicting appointment.  I did mention the fact that every “we need to have a discussion” is centred around money and as this was discussed, agreed upon and finalised prior to us moving in together, I felt he should have asked her for an agenda – because if it was to be the same old… Ie:  give me money; you are a crap father – then I felt he was better off saying, ‘thanks, but no, we don’t need a meeting’.

For those coming in late; the Squeeze has absolutely nothing.  Just his wage.  And she wouldn't be happy unless she had of all that too (and she does get a sizable chunk of it)
I thought the cancellation would have elicited some comment, but not so far.  He remains abuse free since.  I guess he will have to sustain himself on the other days order of “call him. Scumbag”. 

Scumbag?  WTF?  Does anyone on the planet actually use that?  I thought he should have replied to say 'is this Paul Keating..?'  (very funny if you are Australian.  He was a prime minister (and I use the term loosely) in the 90s!)

More than the creepy, archaic term, is the fact that he is at work.  Sorry, but employers frown upon you if you slam out of the office to do the Harridan's bidding!  She has no reasonable thought process at all!  Mainly because she seriously, doesn't care (although would if he got fired and maintenance stopped...)

Did he call you ask?  You bet your arse he did.
Damned Moodle!

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