Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Joys…

This weekend is another kid weekend; three in a row; oh the joy. 
What this means for me is a nonstop television extravaganza.  I am talking to the point where I am feeling an overwhelming urge to put my foot through the damned thing to interrupt the zombie like trance.  And three weekends in a row…
So it is only Thursday and already my stress levels rise.  Why? Because I have the sheer audacity to actually ask that damned Moodle to call the Harridan and work out what is going on regarding weekend exchanges today.  It’s quite simple, there are three options – call her and work out which option you are going with, but make her understand that it is in stone; I’m not changing things on the fly at the last second like we usually do!
We are going out of town on Sunday to see my family.  I’m attempting to organise that the ones that I can see, to all be in the same place at the same time which of course, becomes impossible if I’ve no idea when I will even get there.
To me, this is more than reasonable.  I mean I laid it out in black and white prior to him moving in – I don’t do “on the fly”.  My stress level doesn’t cope with “fluid” plans that are constantly changing.  This needs to be fixed…
But this is obviously not reasonable in the selfish land of the Squeeze, who sends a reply asking permission to use the bathroom.
I am in unfamiliar waters really; because it is a rather logical and rational equation to me.  If you say you will do something; do it.  If you keep saying you will do it for 8 months, but it still remains undone – then prepare to hear repeated requests over that time for it to be done.  Sorry – but this does not equate to whining or nagging.
This equates to you being too selfish, stupid and lazy to do what you said you would.  And I’m not unaware that we continue to have the same argument we have had for the last two years – his inability to put me before the harridan.

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