Saturday, August 13, 2011

Idiot; Thy Name is Hippy

Kid 3 is here for the weekend with his foot fungus, and the scariest toe I have ever seen.  If you ever watched Salem’s Lot in the 70s-80s, the old Stephen King flick with David Soul and the vampire ‘Barlow’ – well picture Barlow’s hand and claw like nails…  That is this kid’s toe – painted black with some witches brew.

It is cruel.  In fact I mentioned to the Squeeze that if this is ongoing by Christmas, it will have clocked over one year since that velvet wearing moron has let this kid suffer with an ingrown toe nail - sending him to the Squeeze every time he has to go see the next medicine man.  Can’t clear it up with sinful penicillin! Penicillin is EVIL!  

Dumb bitch.

So the kid limps along with a toenail that he could literally scratch his back with – painted black with the skin all puffy and red – it is downright child abuse as far as I’m concerned.

Hell; I couldn’t care less if she believes penicillin is evil.  She can choke on her own phlegm any time she likes; cough up a piece of her lung if you please!!!!  But when you leave a kid in pain for 8 months, you violate everything the word ‘parent’ stands for.

And if she were on the end of that toe, makes my head spin how quickly she’d be running for the evils of modern medicine.  It’s easy to take the moral high ground on somebody else pain.

And the Squeeze..?  If I mention it, he runs for the bucket of water and Epsom Salts – yeah.  That’s going to work.  As I pointed out five minutes ago – it’s done so well for the last eight months, let’s try it again and see if this time, magic happens…

If there is a God, she will awaken with a festering ass…

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