Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Art of Learning…

I like to think that I was born with a pretty good dose of common sense and the ability to reason.  That isn’t to say I don’t make my share of mistakes; but as a rule, I learn from them.  Not so with the Harridan I suspect.  Because she just isn’t quite getting the fact that this toe thing is not going away.  Doesn’t matter how much chanting she does and waving a dead fish across the kid’s foot isn’t going to help.

He remains Vampire Boy.  The toe is still red and damned angry looking.  That curling black toe nail looks like he could hang upside down from a tree branch and it would clamp on without any drama.  And then I notice that sitting on the table, (in ziplock plastic bag with instructions) is a murky bottle of some weirdo potion that I can only assume is the creepy black stuff, and a fungal cream that looks suspiciously like a vaginal thrush cream.

Okay.  Looks like we are preserving in the “velvet” solution for the toe…  I only shake my head in wonder and feel like having the Squeeze hold her down, while I bash her freaking toe with a hammer and then give it a whirl with my cooks blowtorch.  Maybe then, with the firsthand experience on what the kid is going through, she’d take him to a doctor that doesn’t wear feathers – and get it cleaned up.

And yet I’m as relaxed as can be.  No skin off my nose!  I let the Moodle and Mini Moodle bond for the afternoon while I went off to get my legs waxed, followed by a manicure and topped that off with a massage.  Then it was home to toss back some migraine tablets that already have me fighting off 10pm wilt!

I have a muddily brain, fighting off a codeine fog, so writing is not going to be successful.  Hell, I’m too mesmerised by my manicured nails!

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