Friday, August 26, 2011

I Never Got It Right

I’ve had a big week; and it finished off with a night of laying in an oily bath.  This is relaxation. iPod on; filled with stuff that I am quite possibly, the only person on the planet, who finds is ‘me’.

Some people don’t quite get that.  I’ve gone out with people that didn’t ‘do’ music (they were at the bottom of my relationship ladder – the ones I pretend, never existed).  

I don’t understand people that don’t relate everything back to music.  Every major event in my life evokes a song.  From childhood holidays at the beach and the Cowsills (i Love) The Flower Girl; to losing my virginity to Peter Frampton – Show Me the Way.  

When in a pensive mood, my ex-husband would call what I played “suicide music”.  He was right; it is music to slash your wrists to.  Not sure why, I’m not exactly the wrist slashing type – I’d prefer to make them suffer me to the last…

Oh - and the title - It's a Carolina Liar song...

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