Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I realise today, now that I have sat down, that I spend a rather large amount of time just tidying up after the Squeeze.   

Amazing!  This penchant to drop after use is something that has taken years to learn; and I wonder how long rehabilitation will take.

I see evidence of his evolution.  Small things, like this morning while cleaning the bbq hot plate he actually bought in the scourer from the cupboard under the bbq instead of using the one I have in the kitchen which costs five times more and has to be thrown out five seconds after he has used it.  That only took three or four exclamations of “WTF????” and it’s sunk in and seeded in his head.

Ok.  So how long til the music sheets go back in the box, the slipper go in the bedroom, the guitar goes back on its stand, the assortment of papers, books and dvds go to their rightful place.  How long til all of that occurs..?  And how long until he stops telling me “I have to do everything!!!” if I ask him to put one thing away…?

The answer is probably never; and in the scheme of things, perhaps I just have to put up with the use/drop – just like he has to put up with the manic cleanliness.

But I’m not so sure about the drooly, squeezing his nipple while thrusting his hips thing….

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