Tuesday, July 12, 2011

With or without him...

I’m beginning to see that there is no training the Moodle.  I suspect he is too old to change out of that bow tie that wears so well.  No new tricks for the moodle, that’s for sure and hell, it is his problem.  Still, it isn’t like it doesn’t impact on me.
Last night I get home and start washing.  Then start on dinner.  We’ve been away all weekend so the place has missed its usual Saturday top to bottom clean.  5.30 comes and goes and he is still not home… I’m not going to call and ask, because I already know what is going on.  Kid drama.
It is not that I don’t trust my kids; I do.  But I also value family and friendships.  I was taught from a very early age to ‘anticipate problems’ and ‘don’t put yourself in the position to stuff up’.  So I guess you can imagine my eyebrow raise when the Squeeze, somewhat stupidly decides it is fine to leave kid 1, 2, 3 and girlfriend at his friend’s house down the coast when we leave to go home on Sunday.   When my son was eighteen, he wanted me to organise him renting my sisters holiday house down the coast.  I waited an hour then text him to say it was already booked out… sorry. 
Yeah.  Like I want that stress…
So although I thought it was a stupid idea to leave them there, I was over it by then and I just wanted out of there.  I’d have left them with Satan at that point so I wasn’t even thinking about friendships and houses.  I wanted to be home, now… before plans changed on the fly again and we were forced to wait another couple of hours while they gathered their stuff.  This, quite frankly, would have caused a huge row – because my son was coming to stay and I wasn’t going to be waiting for them and getting home late.  I’ve had my fill of “on the fly” stuff.
But I did raise a brow.
These kids have been taught that they don’t have to clean up after themselves.  In short, they are happy to live like pigs (which is a learned trait).  This is not an exaggeration.  You’ve seen the photos…  You’ve read where I have blogged with utter astonishment how I have walked in to find cups literally dropped on the floor.  I am still astounded by the vision that put in my head.  I’m not even going to mention the tiny little squashed cockroach…
Frankly, I value my friendships too much to risk leaving them with the possibility to create such havoc.  And let’s face it, the Moodle wouldn’t notice if the towels had been changed or not so I’m not expecting anyone did the ‘white glove’ treatment prior to departing.
Initially, they were to come home Monday with kid 1.  Of course that was always going to be a disaster.  3 kids, each with their own selfish attitude of “planning… what fricking planning?”  We went from them coming back Monday, to kid 2, 3 and girlfriend staying until Tuesday where upon they would catch a train to Frankston and the harridan would grab them from there.  Yeah.  Right.  She is next to useless and they are too lazy to catch a train.
So I was kind of expecting the Tuesday call to say he would have to go down there and get them; but no…  Instead, I get a text last night at 5.30 to say he is picking them up then.  The moron’s scheme is that if he sends a text late, when he is already there, then it is too late for me to go off my head about it.  Of course I can always go off my head.  I don’t care if it is too late to do anything about, he can still hear about it til doomsday!!!  And then some.
So because kid 2 couldn’t organise something if his life depended on it, the Squeeze drives 3 hours and 200 klms to go pick them up after work.  Mind you, I did point out that he wouldn’t drive 20 klms to pick me up when my car broke down not so long ago… The harridan can’t get them, her car is stuffed and she’s going to buy a new one (how you do that when you live in a creepy gingerbread house, are a teacher and on a health care card is beyond me…)
So I go home from work thinking that we can both do some of the work that was missed and then he can fix dinner while I do a tax return online; instead, I am doing it all, stress levels escalating and if I’d have had a dog I probably would have kicked it.  Twice.   
I got to walk the house muttering about that “damned moodle!!!”
This is frustrating in the extreme, but at the end of the day, it is his prerogative to breed useless kids and live life as a doormat.  And while he keeps forking out for them; I keep purchasing pounds and euro – because come hell or high water, I’m off to Europe for my birthday.
With or without him.

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