Thursday, July 14, 2011

Once Again for the Moron in Front…

I feel as though I go round and round in circles with the Moodle.  Possibly because that is exactly what I do!  I don’t believe he suffered any form of birth defect or mental retardation.  For the most part, he is a rational, humorous, intelligent person.
So why, as soon as the Harridan calls, does he become a 12 year old jumping to do her bidding like she is Mommy Dearest..?  And in reality, that is exactly what it is like.  She is the mother; he the child.  I mean what the hell does he think she can do..?  Whack him with the wooden spoon?
So given the Mommy Dearest theory, I can’t even really accuse him of still ‘holding a torch’; and that would almost be more appealing (and kind of amusing…) because she is a horrible person and I wouldn’t have to stab him.  It would be so much funnier to watch her torture him to death (as she invariably would).
Obviously, this isn’t how he sees it, but this is due to his ability to twists the facts in his own head after listening to her idiocy.  Guess that makes it more palatable to him when he is attempting to explain things; after all, I’m a gutless coward and I’m scared of the mentally unbalanced cow, just wouldn’t be cool.
And if it is propping up his self esteem, good on him - but it sure isn’t working for me!
Tuesday nights 2.5 hour marathon to pick up kid 3 from kid 2 and drop it at kid 1’s place was all about kid 1’s plans to go to velvet wearing hippysville the following day…  So that would eliminate drama and allow kid 3 to get home to the Harridan.
Logic (at least my kind of logic) would decree that kid 1 could pick up kid 3 from kid 2 – on his way to velvetland.  Cutting out the 2.5 hours the Squeeze added into the mix.  But no…  Because the fruitcake says “it’s a good opportunity for kid 1 and 3 to spend time” – yeah, well you make it happen fruitcake.  This is the bit he skips over.  It is all about the kid getting home.  Ummm no idiot.  It isn’t.  And either way, it’s her problem to deal with!
They live in a no bedroom, 2 level, tiny gingerbread house – that I’m tipping isn’t exactly neat.  There is no technology.  No internet.  No bedroom door that the kid can slam and escape her (or have privacy, which is kind of important at 14).

I’d be more focussed on fixing the kid’s environment than ensuring he spends time with kid 1!

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