Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Communicational Inept

Well the Squeeze packed up and let me know via email that he was gone.  Astounding.  I kind of figure after 2 years and living together, you actually get some form of discussion about it at the end – but no, not him.  He just grabs his bat and ball and buggers off home.
Home, since he has no home other than here, was with sister and mum.  Not as groovy as when you first think about it I guess.  Anyhow, he turned up here today and we managed to actually have some discussion without killing one another, or in fact, the spilling of anyone’s blood.

I’m quite articulate and have no problems in voicing my concerns, needs, wants, desires – hell, anything.  We are partners.  That is how it is supposed to be, at least from what I know.  He on the other hand, obviously just stores things until his explodes.  I have no idea how that works.  I would explode too often to do it that way.

No wonder he has had a heart attack is all I can say; because with all that emotion down there, smothering you, surely the only way out is to pop your clogs...?

It’s not as though I don’t know as things don’t progress, the harridan becomes monster like until it rules my world.  I wondering how he can not know that, and how I not do that.  I don’t think I can in reality.  Having said that, maybe I do have to step back, take a breath and let him work it out himself…  I just haven’t worked out how to do that.

And he - well he has to learn to understand that the harridan doesn't like him. She hasn't for a long time and never, ever will.  Get over it.  Who give's a hoot!  Let her drown in her bitterness!  But don't ask me to sit and watch while you allow yourself to get repeatedly tortured.  I can't do it.  If I could, I'd be like her.

Of course when discussing me, his words were chosen rather carefully, but I couldn’t help but see myself sitting there in the corner of the room, like some big, black spider… just waiting for him to walk in the door so I could suck the marrow from his bones…

I like it!

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