Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Normal Transmission… Again

I’m over arguing about the divorce issue.  The Moodle has instructed the lawyer to deal with it, get it done without her so it’s out of our hands and over to someone else. 
Yes… It’s worth a gasp.  It only took nigh on 2 years for the fool to work out that she will never give him anything.  Worse really, because she is either so stupid that she doesn’t understand the concept of ‘cutting of her nose to spite her face’; or she hates him so much that it’s worth the desecration of her face.
Frankly, I’m not sure which is the case and to be honest, I really couldn’t care less what she thinks or feels.  Contrary to her belief, life is not all about her.  But this has been his life and he is obviously struggling.
I remember him once telling me about a time when he won an award for a writing competition.  Standing on the podium, he could feel her standing off stage and behind him and feel the words that were almost screaming from her head: ‘what about me!!!!’ 
To be honest, as a fellow writer, the comment made me shiver at the time.  I don’t understand such all consuming selfishness.
The Moodle and I both write –when he won an award last year, I clapped and cried I was so proud of him.  Those wins are rare.  I’m yet to experience one but know he would feel as proud of me if I did.
So with the divorce underway, will it be smooth sailing from here?  I doubt it.  She will make him pay for daring to go against her demands.  And that, I am sure, will begin this weekend when we have planned to take Kid 3 down the coast for the weekend.
Ahhh I love the smell of spite in the mornings!

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