Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bravery. Thy name is ‘Squeeze’

He needs a medal.  No.  Really.  Today we went to watch kid 3, play soccer.   

Turned up in the old home town; unannounced.  I’m sure the huddle of lesbians looked twice, but no one said anything.  It wasn’t overly planned.  I went because on the return trip we wanted to look at a house.  I didn’t want to have to attempt to navigate suburbs away…  iPhone with google maps on my knee, trying to watch the road; so watching a game of soccer was a small price to pay.

It was blisteringly cold but over with rather swiftly.  At the conclusion, kid 3 sought us out and we spoke to him for minutes before the Harridan descended and played her game of  ‘aren’t I civil? See how nice I am..?’  She even asked if we were going for coffee and I felt my hackles rise and bit my tongue.

I’m not great a faking.  If I like you and find you interesting, you know it.  If I have no feeling one way or another, I probably look right through you.  If I dislike you, I’m polite but as frosty as freaking snow.

She got frosty.

But hello? Does she really think he doesn’t tell me everything? Does she for one minute think that I don’t see and hear..?  Read the messages she sends?  Know that she is a bitter cow?  Yeah, well don’t bother to be nice to me; I do far better and have more respect if you just show your true colours.

Frankly, I wanted to say loudly, “actually, I don’t want a coffee.  I want a divorce but you’re obviously too desperately clinging on to give him one.”  We all know she wouldn't want him back in a pink fit...  Doesn't even like him!  So that really would have been just for the audience, but that would be enough.

Oh God.  It filled me with joy; and that was only thinking about it…

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