Monday, July 11, 2011


Strange as it may seem, I actually had a relaxing weekend.  I can’t quite work out why given that we were down the coast with kid 1, 2 and 3 and a girlfriend.  The start was in true Squeeze fashion - in that my stress levels were escalating through the damned roof.  Plans are left lying scattered on the floor because kids plan on the fly, and then expect us to rearrange our schedule.
Still; we got down there in one piece and I took a highly amusing photo of three kids in the back seat, sound asleep; mouths open.  We lugged all the stuff inside and shoo’d them off to get their rooms ready while I made of cup of tea and dragged out a chocolate cake and the Squeeze lit the fire.  Then we sat around to watch Lawrence of Arabia.
Unlike the Squeeze and his whole freaking family; I am organised.  This meant an afternoon of baking on Thursday and so dinner was ready and took no more effort than lighting the oven and leaving it to heat while we continued with the movie.
Saturday night we had a great time.  I often comment on just how much television these kids watch.  Kid 3 would have a remote grafted to his hand if he could…  But at their suggestion, the television went off and we settled in to play board games for the night.  Although there was some discrepancy (and downright debate) over some of the words used in Scrabble, for example quib (wft..?), we gave them a bit of leeway in the name of fun.  And fun it was; even though the Squeeze and I are obviously morons because we lost both Scrabble and then Trivial Pursuit.
Do I hold out hope that they will learn the art of organisation..?  Can I impart any of my skills on them..?  Not a hope in hell.  It's too late and the reality is that we do schedule rearranging when they toss plans in the air so they will never learn.  I suspect he has always just gone with the flow and it would take more time than I have left to teach him differently.  Sadly, just like the Harridan repeatedly taking kid 3 to school late - it really does them a disservice later in life.
So after a pretty good weekend, we got home yesterday afternoon; exhausted.  Just in time to shop and start cooking again because now my kid 3 is staying for the next week while he is at trade school!

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