Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Art of Organisation

The kid is starting to learn the benefits of organisation.  We woke late, mainly due to my middle of the night tossing, turning and questioning the Squeeze.  Still, blame aside, it was nearly 10 am when he jumped out of bed and ran about the house organising the kid to throw on soccer gear.
I paused long enough to roll over and ask if he had done the oranges. 

Now the reception to that was almost laughable.

WTF?  How on earth…?  Is it oranges today?  How did I know?  As for the kid, he was astounded – and impressed.  I guess he has never, ever, faced such military precision before.  

It is simple really…  It’s a secret that we in the world of organisation know well; have handed down from generation to generation.  It’s called ‘use your brain’ or ‘logic’.

The soccer schedule comes in and rather than throw it on a pile of stuff to get tossed out with the rest of the crap or buried so far down it could never be found; I actually read it and set a reminder in my phone for Orange Day – with a reminder 2 days prior so I can ensure I buy the bag of oranges; which of course I had done.  So I get up, get a container, cut the oranges while they are still stressing over maps as to where it is at.  I can’t help there; somewhere – in velvet land I daresay… 
I don’t even want to know because you can bet your ass; it’s not a place I’m ever likely to visit.

So I hand them the oranges as they rush out the door and the kid has a grin on his face from ear to ear.  Why?  Because for once he can turn up someplace and be organised.  He doesn’t have to stress because his parents forgot.  And the Squeeze doesn’t have to turn up there, only to tuck tail and go shopping for oranges – and all the while, the other parents speculating at the sheer disorganisation and wondering if these parents actually give a shit.

In fact, they do.  They are just self-focussed and don’t think.  If they did, they would know that it would stress the kid; just like arriving for school late every day.

When they ambled home, I asked if I had the right day.  Not only did I have the day right, they mentioned that it was a whole lot less stressful turning up and being organised for once.  However, they didn’t appreciate it so much as to buy me flowers at the market on the way home. 

I still have so much more to teach them…

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