Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Ok.  I’ve got to start questioning my intelligence; or maybe it is that I have a certain level of unreasonableness.  Because I just don’t get what is so damned hard about getting this divorce done and dusted.  I’ve done it.  Lots of times!  Yet in this relationship, it would appear to be a herculean event.  Oh.  Did I say herculean?  I meant damned impossible.
Feedback from the lawyer is that the Harridan has now rattled off the new and improved list of demands; and yes, you would be correct in assuming this comes with the sound of ‘cha ching,’
Her ploy is glaringly obvious.  She will dig out every bill she has received but neglected to pay and have him, like the freaking money fairy, dip a hand into his magic bag of money.  And if he does that..?  Yeah, you guess it.  She will sign the papers!
There is the small fact that she is never going to sign them.  She will instead, hold this over his head like a stick and each time, whack him in the head a few times and demand something more. 
Astounding to me is the fact that she is obviously too stupid to understand that she has bled him dry.  Sucked every cent he ever had – and then some.  There is no money.  She can keep on being a financial vampire until the cows come home, but the well is dry!
So my take on it is to not even bother to discuss it with her.  Instruct the lawyer to proceed and then deduct half of the cost from her maintenance.  In reality, she should have to pay all of it bar the $60 it would cost if she signed – but given the fact that he is like a frightened virgin on prom night, I don’t think I’ll even bother to try that one on for size.
And I will freely admit, the whole inability to close down the marriage is beginning to wear me down…  Wear me thin.  And I wonder why the hell I'm allowing myself to be put in this position.  It consumes my thinking because why the hell is he allowing her to do this?  Why not just bitch slap her off the stool and stand his ground (metaphorically)?  Because for some stupid reason, she thinks she holds all the cards; has all the power in her hands – and in reality – if he had a spine he could threaten her and knock her on her arse… but he won’t.  So she does hold the cards.
And I keep wondering why the hell that is…

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