Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Stupid Gene

Today started out pretty good.  We got to sleep in late, have breakfast.  I got to float around while the Squeeze read the paper.  Then we showered, got dressed and went out for a Squeeze family lunch.  

It was nice, although as per usual, I feel like I’ve been dropped onto the set of “Land of the Giants” – and I’m playing the giant.  I can almost imagine, if annoyed, letting fly with ‘get out of my way, Munchkins!’  Yes; they really are that short, except maybe the Squeeze, who has a magic mirror where he is actually 5’9”.  And yes, he truly does believe this...

It was a lively lunch where mostly the conversation centred around illness and/or medication.  After all, the Squeeze has a dicky heart.  I have a dicky brain.  His brother has cancer and a dicky heart and his wife has cancer.  Guess there is no escaping the overtone of the conversation!  
We did go off track long enough to lecture one brother on his inability to understand the basic female psyche.  He is one of those easy to find fools that rather than thinks “the truth will set you free”, goes along the path of: “this will make her yell; so I’ll lie”.  And no amount of argument was going to sway the idiot from his belief.  Even worse, he sat arguing about it and his wife’s face was getting colder by the second.  I was almost shivering by the end.

I was impressed with the Squeeze.  In fact I said to him later in the day that I was impressed that he not only seemed to grasp our argument on lying (and you just know you are going to get caught – because you have to remember everything to get away with lying) but he convincingly argued for the non-lie route.   It isn’t often he is willing talk about relationships or even worse… gulp… feelings.  Yet here he is, debating and even reiterating the why’s on why lying to your partner is in the no go zone.

So after a fine lunch that I am sure expanded us even further, we came home where upon I decided a walk would be a good idea.  So we make a list, grab a bag and set off to do shopping on foot.  That was how I existed until he came into my world.  There were times I would walk out the front door on a Monday to get in the car to go to work and realise that the car was exactly where I parked it on Friday after work.  I walked everywhere.

We shop, walk home and get to feel mildly good about ourselves.  Yes, we may have had lunch out, but at least we've done some exercise!

I happen to mention that my brain feels full and my eyes feel weird.  A bad sign for someone with fluid on the brain; but pause to mention that I’ve halted my anti-inflammatory tablets which have been a constant for the last six months due to an issue with my neck and shoulder muscles.  So I reason it out that the medication drains fluid out, so maybe my body needs to get used to having that additional fluid again.

And then he did it.  Moron.  Idiot.  Fool.

He turned to me and said: “then they must be diet tablets too; you should start taking them again.”

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to even write my reaction to that.
So much for his understanding the female psyche.

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