Saturday, June 4, 2011


The Squeeze woke up this morning and skipped off to the happy family day of soccer and didn’t understand my raised eyebrow and voice of sarcasm when I said “really..?”
This was in reply to his “if I don’t get it today, I’m doing it myself!”

Yes.  I think I’ve heard that before.  In fact I could probably go back through blogs to see just how many times I have heard it; but that would be pointless and only serve to annoy me all the more.
He won’t be coming home with divorce papers.  If he comes home with anything at all it will be my twenty dollars – that was the bet I had that her discussion is some weird form of bedding down his superannuation/life insurance to ensure that it goes to her - so that she can ensure the kids get it.
Hell.  I’m hardly the wicked step mother but I do have to say, I’d set it on fire in the back yard before allowing her to get it.  

Still, we changed all his supers (stupidity to pay fees on more than one super but hey, I can only point this out…) so that the kids are beneficiaries ages ago; but it remains none of her damned business what we do.

Which is the answer I’d prefer him give; but suspect he will Moodle; roll over and confess/promise all.  I’m tired of that stupid bow tie and circus ball; I’m astounded that he isn’t exhausted from it.

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