Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the Beginning…

I originally started this blog because I can prattle on forever and a day (in case you missed that).  Something would wound me and I’d end up sending a 3000 word missive about what upset me; why it upset me; what he could have done differently.  Most times, it was not dissimilar to the “get a divorce and get your controlling wife out of our lives!” - I felt as though I’d explained it so many times his chair could understand it.  Yet he always struggled.

The blog was a way for me to have my say.  He could choose to read it, or not.  But he could not castigate me for what I wrote.  It wasn’t to him.  It wasn’t his words.  They were mine.
That has worked well.  I don’t think he has receive an email other than our usual “get milk on the way home” or discussions regarding writing or nights out.

Today, he was not so lucky.  I resurrected the 3000 word communiqué.  In triplicate.

Why?  Because last night the fool dared to say “do we have to talk about it again?  I’m sick of hearing about it…”  when I asked about what had been planned for Thursday night and the “I’ll get the divorce or do it myself night.”

Lucky for him, I was in bed lying down.  Standing; well, suffice to say he may have sported a black eye today.  Damned stupid moodle!  So what did my 3000 word essay say?

'Had you got a divorce 165 days ago when you said you would, I wouldn’t have had to bring it to your attention that you are still married.  And if you don’t move it; you will lose it!  Idiot!!"

That was basically it, but with all the right explanations…  You just about have to paint with numbers.  And if love is red, this fool is colour blind.  

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