Friday, June 24, 2011

Merry Go Around Continues

Well the Squeeze has contacted his lawyer but in short, he says that he is better to get the Harridan to apply to reduce the cost.  Of course the Squeeze was never going to say ‘in a perfect world that would be fine, but I’m dealing with a psychopathic bitch who is liable to stab me!’ – and you guessed it, that isn’t the Harridan.

He explained that dealing with the mentally unstable is not as easy as one figures.  She actually is like the terminator.  There is no bargaining; or reasoning.  She’s so blind to all but spite that she holds to ransom things he has already given her.  And she is obviously too stupid to see how fantastic she has it.  He would get the kid morning, noon or night.  Has him all the time.  Pays for everything.  And for that – she feels it is her right to make sure she destroys any happiness he may have.

So the lawyer will call her and talk to her.  Ha!  There is no reasoning with her because she is delusional!  So I put zip stock in the fact that it will be happening any time soon.

So now it is “I’ll call him Monday and if he hasn’t heard from her by then… blah blah blah.  I'll tell him we'll do it ourself!"

As we approach the end of June, I see that time is slipping away for him.  Call me stupid.  Call me stubborn, but I made a promise to myself.   I didn’t keep it a secret.  He has known since before we moved in together that the divorce must be finalised before October 27.  Two years is long enough to wait.  And if he loved me, he would make sure it’s done.  

If he left it too late, then to be honest, he really did leave it too late.  Because I’m not changing my mind on that.

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