Wednesday, June 1, 2011

However Many God Damned Days It Is!

At last night’s ‘let’s destroy any hope that this kid has of a social life’ debating club get together; the Squeeze asked if she had bought the divorce papers with her.  He got a stare that sounds like it would have blistered paint.  No actual comment, but given the stare and the lack of a wad of papers hitting his hand/head, well…  We kind of assumed that meant ‘no’.

So.  What happens now?

Let’s see.  The Squeeze had the discussion with her at the start of the year and from all accounts, she had no problem with him getting a divorce.  Hell, she even got to get a “I don’t want you back” dig in; kind of amusing when consider how utterly delusional she is.

Either way, she has had months of notice and the papers in her hand for eleven weeks.  The only thing she had to do was sign them.  Not so hard, all things considered.  I can’t see eleven week’s worth of work there…  Even knowing how disorganised she is.

Still, the thing was delayed due to the “talk you know we have to have…”  which we and anyone else we have discussed it with, are still scratching our heads over.  Ummm no actually; no idea what the “talk you know we have to have” is about.  Judging by the lack of ‘talks’ when he is picking up, dropping off, or just unfortunate enough to have to be in the same room as her, I’m tipping she’s not sure what that talk is about either.

If I was a betting woman, and I am; I’d say it is around his super and/or life insurance.  If he ‘pops his clogs’ she wants to ensure that either herself, or the kids are well looked after.  Unlike a normal divorced person, say… like myself.  I don’t rely on someone else to ensure my children are ok.  If I suddenly decided to pop my clogs, I’m organised.  I have super and life insurance.  Hell, I even have funeral and music planned.  I don’t think she has quite worked out that ‘divorce’ is about getting her the hell out of his life/decisions/business.  In other words, work your own stuff out and stay the hell out of our affair.

If you have slunk onto this blog late, please note – I’m not the ‘marry for money’ kind - hysterical laughter here if I was because the Squeeze is broker than I am!  However, I have set about ensuring he changes all to remove her from documents and leave it directly to his children – as with my stuff.   Now that we are living together, my suggestion is that we each take out additional life insurance for each other.  But that can come later.

So last night it was decided that all possible avenues have been broached and in the scheme of things, it’s not worth the drama to our relationship to keep banging our heads against a wall.  And given that everything is done in the face of her utter psychosis; so we would go the route of him doing it solo and paying the six hundred bucks – but he would deduct one fifty this month and next to cover her half.

And please God, let me be there when she see’s she is short on maintenance and calls…
Will he do that..?  Well I’m hoping this is going to be one of those pubic hairs he yanks back in the never ending war to take ownership of his testicles!

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