Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are We There Yet..?

The journey has been so long and arduous that I am beginning to not even really care anymore!  If that is the ploy, it worked.  Only spanner in those works is I know exactly how long she is pausing before pulling the plug, should his dicky heart give up the ghost and she is summoned to the bedside - he's toast. 

And he has to add to that the I’m not exactly the “love forever” kind of gal.  Three ex-husbands would indicate that to any relatively sane individual, surely!  I’m already not getting a whole lot of what I consider an absolute requirement for a relationship to last.  You have to give romance; and every so often, you have to put the other person first.  I’m still awaiting the day for that!

Anyhow, he came home with nothing more than a car load of children.  Kid 2 with girlfriend and Kid 3 and we embarked on a coffee expedition with me wondering if I got dates wrong and how we suddenly scored Kid 3.  As it turns out, the Harridan is worried about his barren social life and so decreed her pet Moodle should drop him off at her sisters.  Yes... Let’s completely stifle that glimmer of friendship ability!

This is not an outing with a likeminded kid; this is suffering the company of a rather intelligent, yet mean (and therefore ugly) child.  One other time he had been over to clean freak hell and while hanging out the washing, I listened to his conversation with Kid 3.  It was basically a derisive ‘you are a kid and wouldn’t know…’ comment followed by ‘ignore’.  I immediately hated him.  I can say what I like about me and mine; someone else cannot.  I seriously hate the artists way of not slapping the little creep down and letting him speak however he chooses to. 

I got the short end of the morning while unlocking the door; in that it will now be done Thursday night.  If not.  He will do it himself.

Yes.  Of course he will.

Hands up who actually believes that crock?

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