Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bugs and Dates

The decision we had made seemed to change somehow.  It morphed into giving her ‘one more chance’ and he called to ask about the kid coming tomorrow night and tacked on the divorce papers question.
That went unanswered – again.

Sheesh, she must be desperate to keep him.  Given that, it’s a pity that she has treated him like Satan for as long as I can remember.

She didn’t comment re the divorce; instead, launching into an argument about how the 14 year old can’t stay at school on his own until 4.30 pm; and the Squeeze must leave work at 2.45 pm so as to pick him up at 3.15 pm.  Besides, he was 'exhausted' and we all know he couldn't possibly rest over here at the den of heathens.  What on earth she thinks we'd be doing all night long is beyond me.  Then again, we are not allowed to have him if he has a runny nose either, exhaustion beats that I guess.

Still, buggering off from work early..?  And when he gets fired, she need not think I’m paying maintenance.  Because it would be a cold day in hell before I did.

Sadly, having reminded him to call and get it done in the first place meant I copped abuse for the whole saga.  First, when I suggest he call it was “stop bugging me about it – I’ll do it when I’m ready…” – Yeah.  I know.  But I figure after 159 days, I’m entitled to bugging.  Hell.  I’m entitled to stabbing!

And when she abused him, he hung up and said “thanks for that!”
Like it’s all my fault he married a psychotic witch.

Next step..?  Well.  I'm out of suggestions actually and when all is said and done, if he can't do it simply because he knows it means a lot to me, well then it is rather pointless him doing it at all.

And men are such woefully readers of reality; in that he won't understand, fool that he is - that he is destroying what we have as we speak.  Because he is right, I shouldn't have to nag him to do it.

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