Saturday, June 11, 2011

Groundhog’s Day

Well it’s Saturday night.  I had a really good day.  I went to Mount Martha to see a friend’s new house and had a lovely brunch with two girlfriends and a mentor – which meant champagne at about 11am.  In short, a weekend just doesn’t start better than that.

I came home and breathed a tiny sigh of relief that I had some ‘me’ time.  The Squeeze had gone to pick up kid 3 and had text me to say they were doing a movie – which meant in true ‘Risky Business’ style (minus Tom Cruise's white underies); I had the house to myself…

I did a little cleaning; poured a glass of red.  Did a little washing; poured a glass of red.  By the time the Squeeze and his ‘mini me’ got home; I was knee deep in home-made jam donuts (did I say we were on diets…?) and half shot.

Okay.  I’m going out on a limb here to say that although I made them about 3 hours ago – I’m yet to even touch one (not that I won’t because they look fantastic); but as I finished them and kid 3 had retired to the TV (now there is a change) without dinner (he didn’t like my risotto) – the Squeeze had replied to my sarcastic question of ‘get the divorce..?’

Well, she managed to have the talk they had to have.  Kid 2 got $1000 worth of fines on one night.  Ummm yeah.  Does she even know about the rest of them..?  And at the end of the day – big deal.  What the hell does she want him to do about it?  Pay them?  Not one for teaching them a little bit of responsibility… You know – consequences for the decisions we make…  Then it was other mindless crap that has nothing to do with a divorce.  And I'm still trying to work out why the hell this stopped the divorce papers getting signed...

However – she has no problem signing the papers (wtf? – and the last 3 freaking months were about…?  Of course she does!)  She doesn’t have a problem; in fact, she doesn’t even like him! (no freaking kidding).  We will get the papers on Monday.
And – wait for it…. Drum roll…  If we don’t get them Monday - you guessed it...
He will do it himself.

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