Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Economic Planets

The Squeeze and I are at opposite ends of the Romantic spectrum.  
My middle name is romance.  I cry in movies…  Hell, as the Squeeze will point out while uproariously laughing his head off – I actually cry during the previews for romantic movies.  He, on the other hand, is romantically illiterate.   I was going to say dyslexic, but no…  He is actually a romantic retard.  That is not to denigrate the mentally challenged, for the Squeeze is on the ball for everything except:  A:  Romance.   &    B:  Neatness.  On those things, he is totally clueless.

Remembering here that we have been friends for a very long time, I am often astounded at the things we don’t know about one another.  Proving I guess, that we only surface sweep the workings of those people that we have no romantic attachment to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always known he was a Moodle.  It was hard not to see that given the array of red neon signs above his head - flashing ‘moodle’ while circus music is playing in the background.  And if I had of missed that, then I’m tipping the 3rd or 4th time we caught up for coffee and he muttered he had dumped whomever he was seeing and had gone back the Harridan - well that would have given it away.  If not then, the next coffee where he was back, living in the garden shed would have clinched it.

The moodle part was kind of cute and bloody funny while we were friends.  And for the record, I had no trouble telling him he was a fool then either.  Strangely enough; now that we are partners, it’s not nearly as amusing; but at least it wasn’t totally unforeseen.  I had a rather rude awakening with his lack of neatness and romance, as I’ve documented quite well in this blog.

And now, we have discovered another conflicting variation in how we function.  Economics.

Today, I sent the Squeeze an email in regards to a purchase I had made.  He replied to say: ‘you operate on a different economic planet to me’.  This was in reference to a set of vintage copper saucepans I bought online, from France.  The saucepans themselves were a bargain, but as in all dealings with the rest of the world, postage sucks.  In fact it sucked to the tune of 46 pounds!  Which even I admit is extreme…

However, he didn’t understand why I would purchase them because they they seemed costly to him.  I pointed out that strategically positioned around our 2 bedroom home; are three guitars.  His guitars.  The electric one housed in the spare bedroom, I have seen him pick up maybe 5 times in the last two years.  Not to mention the fact that I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest it cost a little more than the $130 or so for my beautiful, vintage, copper saucepans.

If you scan to the bottom of the blog you will see photos of his place prior to moving in with me; and pictures of my home - the place where we now reside.  The saucepans are to hang on the hanger above the bench.  As you can see by the images, I’m tipping décor was never a strong suit for him (along with basic freaking hygiene) and this has been his entire adult life.  It’s a hard thing to correct. 

Funny really, because he isn’t tight fisted.  He has no problem paying out for things; it’s just a differing set of priorities.  Mine are around hearth and home.

His are around him.

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