Tuesday, June 14, 2011

But Wait… There’s More…

Have you ever thought that you wanted something… That it was a really important ingredient to the life that you have – only to have it reneged on so many times that it begins not to matter anymore..?

And what does that mean?  When you give up?  Does that mean you have resigned yourself to never getting it?

If you are a regular reader of my blog and somewhat astute (or in fact, just not an absolute moron) you will know that I am talking about the divorce.

Saturday was about the fifteenth shot at “if I don’t get it then, I’ll do it myself”.

He didn’t get it.  He didn’t do it himself.  After moodling via phone today it will now be given to him on Thursday – and if she doesn’t give him the signed divorce; yes, yes, he will do it himself.  Of course we all know that it won’t be given to him; and nor will he do it himself because she’ll pull some reason out of her arse – and he’ll fold like a cheap suit.

Frankly, I think today I just moved on to a phase where I am starting to dot my I’s and cross my T’s.  I've got to ensure that this bitch isn’t entitled to anything of mine when he finally pop’s his clogs; or worse – I pop mine.  Because he has nothing and will have less on death; knowing my luck – I’ll be stuck with his damned funeral costs.

Not so with mine.  I'm organised.  Mine is organised.  Down to what I'm to wear and what music is playing.  The money is there (funeral insurance via the union).  I have super and life insurance for my kids (who would in fact be far better off financially with me dead).  And he won’t be getting it; or her via him and his weakness.  Because he sure as hell doesn’t intend to protect me in any way, shape or form.  The only way his lack of protection could be any more obvious, is if he painted it on his forehead.  

When all is said and done, she is an ugly, vitriolic person.  The only uglier and more spiteful - and they are on par (and in fact both teachers... go figure) - is my ex-sister in law - commonly known within my family as the "fat, brown toothed slut".  Either way, re the Harridan - I’d have no problems believing her trying to take half of my things – as the ‘wife’.  It doesn’t matter if she “doesn’t even like him”.

Of course I’m no moodle; and she’d find herself on the receiving end of a severe bashing with my ‘stolen’ Louisville Slugger… (with video on youtube)

As for him – I’m seriously beginning not to give a hoot re the divorce.  In short, I’m almost beginning to see why all he receives is her malice.  If you can do it repeatedly and there is zip consequences or retaliation – why stop..?  In fact, I suspect she keeps pushing the envelope to see just when he'll have the balls to stand up.

All I can say, is he better hope I don’t win lotto anytime soon – or I’ll be living in Spain.

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