Thursday, February 1, 2018

It is still cold...

We have gone from utterly sweltering to freezing... WTF? Isn't there an in between switch someplace that we can flick on?  Stupid really!

Last night I had people over for dinner and cooked Mexican. We had a great time with heaps of laughter!  I got this google thing which is absolutely amazing!  So I spent the evening cooking to the accompaniment of one or all of my guests yelling out "Hey Google! Play bagpipes!" just to see if it could!  Mind you; it does!  It also tells you how long to drive somewhere or how to make a drink or a pick up line or a joke or anything!

I kept thinking what a pity my Dad didn't live long enough to see it.  I bought my Mother one, but Dad would have yelled for it to play bagpipes all the time lol

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