Saturday, February 24, 2018

Off we go... Weeeeee!

I'm off to Melbourne this morning.  For our one day a week catch up lol  I don't mind the drive but it would be easier to spend a couple of days instead of driving up there one day, and back the next.  He lives on the other side of Melbourne, so it like a 2 hour drive (that is if a butterfly doesn't flap its wings and everyone on the freeway doesn't slow down to look at it!) and the return trip the next day.

I'm not sure how this will work.  Squeeze II used be here every second and I wanted to scream: "I need time on my own; I've been single for a lot of years!"  Squeeze I; I don't see enough... I wonder if and when I'll ever be happy and get this mix right...

We have nothing really planned for today. I went through the Mexican cookbook which I'll take with me; so maybe do a little shopping to cook and play some music.  Maybe go to the market...

Claire (my daughter's best friend) is down for the weekend for her birthday. She's having a gig in Carlton so we may go and appear 'down with the kids' for a moment...  But that is it!

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