Monday, February 26, 2018

Havana... My heart...

I quite like this song by Camila Cabello. Havana.  There is no big story here; I wish their was. I've never been to Havana or anywhere in Cuba but I wouldn't mind!  :)

The weekend went well... I zoomed off to Melbourne and back home again.  I wanted to sleep like a baby last night but I struggled; I'm not sure why.  I'm tossing and turning lately which I don't understand. I've been in the sleep of the dead for the last 3 years maybe I'm just coming out of it.  It is that or something buried deep is keeping me up, a warning or I'm worried about something.

But the weekend...  We did a lot of talking. 

So I am not thinking that he will just say "nah... sorry..." this time.  That isn't to say that he doesn't want to say it (and regularly) that means he'll fight it. 

Last week I wrote him a lengthy email in reply to his card. He'd poured his heart out and all I had said was "you F*cking bastard!!"   Which I figure didn't really fit with how I felt.  So I write him a long email and I get a reply: "one day at a time".  A five freaking word reply.

So that, and dog chasing (I'm looking for a little dog to keep Sharpie company while I'm at work!) was my weekend.  Every dog was too big :( so I'm going to have to keep looking!

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