Monday, September 12, 2016


Where has the day gone!???    I looked up and it was over!

I didn't get that much done today, obviously!  I studied a bit for the job I'm going for on Wednesday, but God... The last time I went for a job, about six months ago, I sounded like a half wit!

I figured I knew it all in my head; and I did.  The trouble was getting it to my mouth in a timely fashion!

Just imagine your brain is a big old file cabinet.  Rows of drawers.  All alphabetically ordered!

Someone asks you something, and you go right to were the answer is...   In seconds!

Well its as if my file cabinet has tipped over.  So I have to rifle through all the mess on the floor to find the answer; and sometimes it takes time.  It is getting shorter; I'm getting quicker... But still...

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