Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday.... The Blue Note....

This morning I awoke with a hangover.

Grrrrr I never used to get them, but when they dicked around with my brain, they turned it on.  Sigh...   Hangover - On.  Up and Down emotions - Off.  Can't really complain!

We had a laugh last night.  I was still grinning about it today!  We went to Caruggi Italian Restaurant for dinner which was yum!  I had a pizza (oh move over potato diet!!!) and a skinful of wine whilst I got all the gossip from work.

Then we walked up the road to the Blue Note; a fun piano bar where we, the customers, get to choose what he plays.  It was rockin last night!

All is right in my world; well nearly all.  I need a job.  One that I would like.
I'm going to apply for another job today.  That will be two in two weeks lol.
But I don't want to rush it.....

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