Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oh God... Today I went to the last of my classes...

Today I went to the last of my classes run through my "back to work" people.  We have had sessions on "hygiene".  On washing your hair and putting on deodorant prior to going to an interview.   If there has to be a whole lesson on that, I'm tipping they wouldn't get an interview.  Enough said.

There was only the four of us left. The rest; God knows!
The upside is I made a friend, and she's normal!

A nursing sister from Melbourne who doesn't know anyone here!  We decided that we would do lunch each week, starting with Jack Rabbit Winery on Thursday.

So that consumed my day.  

I came home and walked the dog around the cemetery.  The weather was supposed to be nice; instead there was a cold wind and it started to look downright spooky so I hot footed it home.  Vacuumed and tidied (back to vacuuming every single damned day) and then collapsed in a lounge chair.

Bummer.  I didn't get my TV remote yet; which sucks because I can't watch a downloaded show.  Pity that's all I watch.  I can hear Home and Away on the TV; makes me glad I only watch downloaded!!!

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