Monday, September 19, 2016

Just another Manic Monday....

Well.  It's Monday again.  Go figure!

And I have done all the normal things I usually do throughout the day.

I walked Sharpie.  Twice!  I'll have to take him out again later on today because it's supposed to be stormy over the next few days.  God; I'm sick of the rain!  Bring on the sun I say!  Not too hot; nothing over 40.  Oh how I'd love a couple of days that are straight 30+!!!

I got up early; got to get used to living an early rise if I'm to get a job...  And so I sit here at 2.30 pm with everything done!  House is clean.  Washing done.  I've had lunch.
Dog walked.  And I'm scratching my head wondering what I'm going to do now!

I guess I could apply for something...

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