Thursday, September 22, 2016

Imagine... Having a voice....

Today I got up, lol, that's about it.

I walked Sharpie, (which I'll have to do again before dark!) or he gets seriously naughty!

I got a quote to have some concreting done by some guy; he was tall and slim and went to the wrong house first, so I had to go out the door, open the gate, up to the next door neighbours and get him.  He quoted me $500; and all I have to do is move the damned plants.  Yay!

Sharpie, because it's got a gravelly type rocks out there, gets in and digs and throws tiny rocks all over the yard; and worse, over the concrete!  It's seriously driven me mad!

He left and I cooked soup.   Potato;   :(  which I threw a carrot in there... I shouldn't, but hell, one can only do potatoes in so many ways!  My potato thing I've been on now for 22 days.  I still like them, but am seriously getting sick of potatoes.  I don't know how I'd cope if I didn't slink out for lunch or dinner occasionally!

I've been stuck on youTube since about twelve...   I'm in a mood.  Like Alice down the rabbit hole.  I just find one thing, it leads me onto the next; and the next... And so on

This I just love.  The Penny Orchids singing Your Vacant Eyes.

This too.   Nouela   That all!

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