Saturday, September 17, 2016

Only a second of text...

I only have a minute today.

I got up; walked Sharpie as usual.  Then I came home and showered and put a dress on.  I drove to St Leonards and went to the yacht club, as they had jazz there.  I went with Renae my sister in law, and Ian my brother.  It was good fun but I couldn't settle; which sucks.  The sun was shining and it was relaxed!

I came home late (after picking up Sharpie from my Mum's where he ruined the yard!!!) got ready and now I'm waiting for Tim to get here.  Think we'll yap our heads off over dinner and then we go to the Piano Bar.

The guy is really cool; playing whatever we suggest.  I had a great time last week!  It was booked out but he said he'd keep my name in case someone cancelled.  Guess what! Someone cancelled!

So... Fun!

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