Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wonder if it's possible to die of boredom..?

Ho Hum!  I can't rouse myself to do anything today!  I took Sharpie down to the beach and stopped for a cup of tea (or 2).   My friend Tom called while I was there and asked if I wanted to do a walk.  I said I was in the middle of mine, sitting at the Sailors!  So he turned up, looking very spiffy in a suit.  His brother is a minister and was having a farewell service; enough said...

Hmm, apart from that... Nothin!  Nada!

I've cleaned the house on the inside.  I only did it yesterday but dog hair gets everywhere. It is moulting season (I seriously wish I'd have thought about that...)  So after cleaning inside, I did the outside too, which is in a mess due to the new lawn.

Its already 20 to 4!!!   I feel unsettled.  Feel like I should be doing something; but have no energy either!

I think I'll have an early tea, and early to bed!  An early night!  That's what I need!

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