Friday, September 2, 2016

Success! My pipe is good!

Well my neighbour fixed my pipe and it's working great; not a leak in sight!  Till the next thing goes!  I bought this house in December, moving in on the 20th.  So far I've had the pipe, the shower screen several times (it's gone again at the moment), the loo, the tap in the bathroom; I think that is all for now!  It's enough!

Ally took Sharpie to Melbourne yesterday.  She's not coming back until Sunday.    :(
I miss him! (and her, but she has to learn to get a life!)  I bought him a "control harness" which should control his walking!  He loves to run off on me, at the beginning of the walk (he's got energy to burn) and the end of it (he can sniff home) and he pulls my arm out of the socket!

Yesterday I cleaned the house from rooftops to rafters; knowing the dog was on a sleep over, I thought "Yay! No dog hair!"  I don't have enough yard to have him outside all the time; I should have thought about that...  but he's cute as a button (except when he's biting...) so worth it.

Today I wondered what I would do...

I got up and walked the same path I walk when with him.  Stopped at the  coffee place, except I had black tea due to the diet; and then I wondered why I was paying $4 bucks for a weak black tea!

I came home and went to the gym for a workout.  On the way home, my brother phoned and said he was going to my Mum's so I drove over there, grabbed them and took them to the pub for the afternoon.

And now, at 5pm I'm home.  And I haven't had time to re-varnish floor where he cut a hole in it yesterday so he could fix the pipe ...  I'll do it tomorrow!  (at least its not open!!)

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