Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm bloody tired...!!!

Yesterday I spent a full on day.  I started the day by walking Sharpie (little cutey) and he did the usual route around the cemetery, pausing for coffee at the Hub, before going home.

After that, I had to get dressed up and go into town.  I went for an interview, the first one since my ABI!   But I'm ready; ready to at least start trying it out.  So the job I went for is with the Geelong Chamber of Commerce and it was held in their boardroom, with plate glass windows that have an excellent view of the bay.

I met my sister for coffee first and she laughed, saying that if I got it, her, my brother and I would all work 2 seconds away from one another!

The job sounded ideal.  3 hours a day, so it will not overly tax me; and varied enough so that I won't get a brain wander in the middle of things...  Actually, it sounded fun.  I haven't heard anything yet but even I couldn't hope to get the first job I've gone for...

After, that I went home and walked the dog again.  I'm sure he was grinning...

My son came over for dinner so I had a roast to make.  The diet went on hold for the day as we ate, drank and basically, didn't give a shit about weight lol.  This morning when I got up, I gave the half a leg of lamb the was left over to Sharpie so I wouldn't eat it  :(

I'm still at 4 kilo lost.  Wish it would hurry and move...

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