Monday, September 5, 2016

Where do they go..?

Yesterday was hard.

We went to my great nephews birthday party; he's one year old and an absolute little darling!  There were all kinds of people there chatting and drinking, but I couldn't get that it was Father's Day out of my head.

I think since having my brain issue, that I look at things differently now.   There have been millions of movies and talk about life after death; but when I almost died, there was nothing.   Not a thing.  A great big zero!  Makes me think we just lie down and stop.  But Dad can't just stop! Disappear!!

What was the point then?
What are we here for?

And that makes me think about
Emma Louisa Shepard, age 4.
She died April 8, 1859.
Her tombstone is where I go walking and it doesn't matter which way I go, I always see it.
It's a damned big cemetery too.
What did she do or achieve in her 4 years..?

And who leaves flowers on a little girls grave that died in 1859..?  There is obviously someone that feels as I do...

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