Thursday, November 30, 2017

It is bloody hot...

I hate the heat.  I hate the cold too; in fact I'd rather have the heat!

I have my NDIA meeting tonight; which I hope means I can start my hyperbaric chamber again!  I'm not sure what I have to do; keep records I guess!  But that is the only thing I've tried that worked; ever so slightly!

Other than that, just culling my things in preparation for Ally's this weekend!  She has a house and not a lot to go in it furniture wise.  Still it won't take long!

On a side note: is it just me or are all women crazy for Jamie Fraser in Outlander?

He's not perfect; but that he isn't flawless just adds to his overall appeal!  It is his personality that does it for me... As Claire said to him in one episode; if you said that among 20th century women, you would be the king of men...  He is the King of Men!

And that Scottish brogue...   Be still my beating heart!!  I'm alive again!

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