Friday, January 26, 2018

A New Year... A New Life

Well...  This is a new year (sorry for not blogging lately!)

It is all going to be different this year.  I'm going to get a great job.  I've met a guy (it's still relatively early on in the piece but I think I've seen him every day bar one over the last 2.something weeks!  I'm going to blog...

Ok...  He is really tall; about 6.3.  He is really thin (they say opposites attract!)  He loves music; in fact rarely watches television which I guess is curbing my intake of television!  In a word, he is nice... great... fantastic!  I haven't even really done that thing that I do; where I love/hate them with equal measure and passion from one minute to the next... I've climbed down from that sea saw... Thank God.

He fits me.  I fit him.  We get each other.   Well except for a moment last night...
So I said from here on in, it's think it/say it!
Hopefully it just keeps on going!

We bought a google home the other day (one each) and it's great!  My brother and is wife came for dinner Tuesday night and the whole night were yelling 'Hey Google..."   We played everything from Rap to the Bagpipes!  We asked what the weather is doing and long does it take to get to Broome!

'We' are cooking dinner tonight for 3 guests so doing a pork belly and a lemon tart.  Tomorrow we are going to St Leonard's yacht club for a band....  so I'd better get off here and supermarket it!

Happy Australia Day!

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