Monday, January 29, 2018

Can someone turn on the air conditioner...

It is damned hot.  Hot enough to cook eggs on the damned floor...

I can't sleep; I don't know how much this is getting used to someone else tossing and turning or the heat!  I guess he has to get used to it too but it doesn't seem too hard for him, he doesn't sleep anyhow!  How does someone who is suffering brain damage and sleeps for 10 hours of drop dead heavy sleep, exist with someone who sleeps 4-6 hours of light sleep..?

I guess we have to try it on, work around the issues lol, and hopefully come out the other side.  I can't remember if I had this with Quigley or not.  I did with the PI; the dick used to snore so loud it was like sleeping on a speedway!

Last night, aside from the heat, I slept like a baby!  I stayed on my own! lol  So I guess the answer is to ease into it!

Seems like yesterday I was saying "Oh why is it so damned cold!!!"

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