Friday, November 3, 2017

No work… No anything… Zilch

My house is a mess at the moment.  My garden is looking scraggly.  I’m gaining weight (it has nothing to do with the box of Bertie Beetles I bought!!)  The dog, Sharpie, has been naughty (naughtier than usual; so much for leaving puppyhood behind him!!) 

It all started when I was walking Sharpie. He went one way to chase a bird (nearly pulling my arm from the socket) and I went in another direction…  I hurt my knee.  That was two weeks ago and I’m still not back to walking the full distance!  I'm wearing a splint; it is getting better but it is a slow process.  And it isn’t just that.  It is mixture of crap luck and bullshit life.

Why?  Because there is no nice weather; it’s downright cold…  Because I have no real job; because I’m hooked on a game.

There.  I said it.  I’m hooked on online gambling.  Well not really; I don’t play with my money but the free spins they give me, so it literally means I can’t take it out.  I don’t get it; it isn’t even fun!! I get sick of it in a couple of weeks; that's the only light and the end of the tunnel!

And this weekend sees my daughter coming to visit so I’m hoping I’m over the game by then and we'll eat homemade pizza and Bertie Beetles and watch tele!

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